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Dan Staton


EXPERTISE: Bow hunting

What is your favorite hunt?

Elk hunting the public lands of northern Idaho - I am very familiar with the country, the animal's behavior and tendencies, however there's a tremendous amount of hunting pressure and a high density of wolves that add a major curveball to the mix.  The country is thick and steep making it very unforgiving which is why success rates hover around less than 10%.  I grew up hunting there and cutting my teeth through the elk hunting learning curve, these mountains I consider home and my training grounds - it's very dear and near to my heart.

What is your next “bucket list” hunt that you want to go on?

I have been dreaming of bowhunting coastal brown bears in Alaska since 2005 when I first visited Alaska on an archery caribou hunt.  I have been fortunate enough to hunt Alaska a handful of times, but for me the pinnacle is ground level on Kodiak island spotting and stalking 1,500 lb brown bears.  I am waiting for the stars to align so I can go on the once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

What does hunting mean to you personally?

Hunting has taken me to so many wonderful locations that I am quite certain I would have never seen if it weren't for bowhunting.  Hunting fuels an unwavering passion to work hard year round, dial in my home and family life, to train and eat well for performance, and to appreciate the resource.  Hunting has changed my life and made it more complete.

How does Pnuma gear improve your hunt?

Pnuma gear has allowed me to stay longer and hunt harder.  The gear is a tool that I can depend on to keep me safe, allow me to hunt my best and reach new levels in my hunting career.


Hunting is simply a way of life.  It combines a love of the animals, the landscape and chasing adventure all into one pursuit.

What is your go-to suit?

I'm all about base layers.  I need a system that works synergistically and it starts with the next to skin pieces that help fight off moisture from sweat, rain or snow.  Base layers help maintain core temperature and aid in the other Pnuma pieces to perform properly.

Tell us about your most memorable hunt

Most memorable hunt is tough for me, they all hold a special place and there's not one that I don't cherish or remember in full detail.  The hunts that seem to have the most adversity and challenge tend to stand out more.  Back in 2011 I drew a decent elk tag in my home state of Washington, it was a pure wilderness hunt full of horses and wall tents until lightning came through and scorched a chunk of country near our camp.  We ended up having to evacuate due to wildfire and that half of the unit which is where we had scouted all summer long.  Once we moved to the other side of the unit it was like starting over.  Then our horses got sick with colic and we were left to fend for ourselves 18 miles from the trailhead in horse country without horses.  I ended up arrowing one of my best bulls on the 11th day of the hunt and my dad and I packed it out of the wilderness on our backs.  It took 2 full days of shuttling meat and to this day it was the hardest packout I've ever completed.  We faced a lot of adversity and that hunt always stands out as one of the most challenging and rewarding hunts I've been on.

What is the one piece of gear you wish Pnuma offered?


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