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Jeff Moran

What started as family road hunting sessions has become a solo backcountry September obsession. I was lucky to grow up in Idaho and start hunting around 12. It was time with my father and uncles, glassing from the quads and filling the freezer with rifle tags. We didn't work very hard, but my competitive mindset always pushed me to close and notch my tag. Fast forward to 2011. I had just moved back from Canada and went on a wilderness hunt, some 11 miles from the trailhead. It was painful, exhausting, and glorious! I picked up a bow for the first time that year in Ohio and knew backcountry archery was the next step. The following year, I was told by those I knew to "not get my hopes up" and "archery hunting is too hard, you won't get anything," but I was still going to go for it. Knowing nothing about calling or hunting rutting bull elk in September, I dropped into North America's deepest canyon to see what I was made of. 72 hours later, I drove back into town with a 5x6 bull proudly sticking up high above the truck bed. Chasing bulls 20-30 days straight in September solo has become my obsession. From brutal treks in rugged terrain to horseback rides deep in the wilderness as the sun sets over the western skyline.

HOMETOWN: Middleton, ID


On Hunting: I view hunting now as a step into the past and a way of self-improvement. This is partly due to the style of hunting I take on, mostly solo, miles away from roads, on big country public land. I take pride in being a provider, bringing home food for the months ahead, and learning to be self-sustainable and survive weeks at a time without technology and only the basics at hand. I'm almost entirely self-taught, and nearly every lesson learned from my mistakes and the achievements earned can be applied to the 'real world' in some way to improve who I am as a person and man.

On Pnuma: It was all about the pattern at first. I remember being on a waitlist for when Pnuma products officially launched. I was one of the first handful of customers, and the product blew the doors off the other brands in my hunting closet. I am extremely hard on gear as I hunt brutal terrain with a reckless style. (Your only limits solo hunting are self-imposed) In most seasons, I would have to buy new gear from other 'top' brands after they blew out in one season, so the fact that I still wear the original Tenacity pants from 2016 speaks volumes. I'm all about merino wool base layers, tenacity or the new lightweight pants, and that Gunnison hoodie. (Maybe make that in solids!) The waypoint jacket & vest are my November go-to's. The rain loves me, and Pnuma's rain gear is second to none!


Chasing bulls 20-30 days straight in September solo has become my obsession.

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