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IconX Base Layer Pant

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The Ultimate in next-to-skin comfort. There isn’t a more innovative hunting base layer pant than IconX. Our lightweight Hydrowick™ high-performance fabric is engineered to push moisture outward for evaporation when it’s hot and keep your body warm when the temperature drops. Built-in performance zones support key muscle groups to keep your body performing at its peak.

Product Lifetime Warranty With our Lifetime Warranty, your satisfaction - and our apparel - is guaranteed for life.

When you are gearing up for your next hunt, there's no better place to start than the IconX next-to-skin hunting base layer. The IconX Hunting Base Layer System hugs your body across thirteen strategically-placed zones of Hydrowick™ hollow fiber. In warm temperatures and periods of high exertion, fibers fill with sweat to push moisture outward for evaporation. When it's cool to cold, the hollow fibers fill with air heated by your body to keep you warm. Built-in performance zones help support key muscles for strength and endurance, whether you're just climbing into your stand or heading down the mountain after a successful hunt.


  • Revolutionary next-to-skin warmth and performance
  • Warmth with no bulk and total freedom of movement
  • Athletic fit for easy layering
  • HydroWick™ high-performance hollow wicking fiber
  • 6 Performance zones provide key muscle support and thermal regulation
  • Infused with SilverStrike™ anti-microbial odor control
  • Guaranteed for life (Pant only)

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Customer Reviews

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In 2019 I made a suggestion....

I read about the base layer last year. Loved the idea and wanted to buy the top and bottom - UNTIL - I noticed there was no allowance for a guy to "answer the call". So I bought two of the tops AND the heated vest. I bought them at the end of the hunting season and then had surgery. No chance to use them until this year.

VERY comfortable. No bulk feeling under outer garments like "long johns" and other products. Fit like a second skin. The heated vest works exceptionally well. I have only had it on the medium setting in low 20 degree mornings. In the low 30's I use the "low" setting.

AND - Pnuma actually listened to me! This year the bottoms were introduced "with access" - woo hoo! I bought two pairs to go with tops. EXCELLANT! Again very comfortable. They "move" with you. Also - quite warm. So far I have not had to break out "bibs" and have used only cotton or light fleece pants in low 20 degree weather.

I think it is important to note - while the mornings this season started out in the high teens to low 20's, by mid-day temps many times this season rose to high 40's and in some cases low 50's. With typical long johns I would come home from a morning hunt and remove the long johns for the afternoon hunt so as to not "overheat". (Then I would often times be cold towards the end of the afternoon "sit".) NOT NECESSARY with the ICONX. Amazing. No overheating or arriving at my stand for the afternoon hunt sweating. They really do "wick away" moisture.

I have successfully been able to wear lighter outer wear with less layers. At 65 with COPD and back problems that make walking in uneven terrain difficult - this has resulted in my being able to continue hunting, walking and climbing into my stands much more easily.

I still can't believe you acted on my suggestion (though I'm sure I wasn't the only one who pointed it out.) You guys even remembered me when I called the order in for the two bottoms. THAT was really cool. I've never had that happen before.

THANK YOU PNUMA. Job well done.

ICONx Base Layers are great!

Just returned from 15 Day archery hunt in extreme Northern NM. Temperatures varied from near zero to mid 30s during the day. Loved the base layers....stayed comfortably warm and the snug fit of ICONx was helpful with layering and helped keep compression on sore muscles. Love them...would buy them again. One very minor critique....The stirrups on the bottoms sometimes rolled up and were uncomfortable under the arch of the foot. Minor complaint. I am 6’6” , 235 pounds and they fit me perfect.

Awesome pants and they keep there word

Awesome pants and this company unlike many others keep there word. When they say they warranty it you can believe it!!!

Works great

Use mine for hunting and work helps keep me warm great base layer

Lightweight and Warm

Great base layer. Kept me warm and fit great.

Perfect base

I have had this base layer for 2 years... I’ve worn it in September in the 70 degree weather hiking the mountains... and in November in the teens while in the tree stand in Kansas ... they give great support and free movement... I just bought a second pair...

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