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Tenacity Coolcore Shirt

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If anyone says designing great hunting apparel isn’t rocket science, they aren’t designing hunting apparel at Pnuma. Based on the same principle of a NASA spacesuit, the hollow-core, chemical-free yarn of the lightweight, ultra-comfortable Tenacity Coolcore® Performance Shirt is engineered to eliminate areas of sweat concentration and spread sweat throughout the shirt. By reducing sweat concentration and allowing moisture to spread, wetness evaporates and dries faster. Coolcore is also proven to reduce fabric cling to your skin/body so you move unrestricted in the warmest temperatures and times of highest exertion. As temperatures drop, add the IconX base layer top beneath Coolcore® to keep you warm and comfortable – and extend your use of the Coolcore® shirt throughout your season.
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Inspired by the same cooling technology found in space suits, the lightweight, incredibly comfortable Pnuma Tenacity Shirt is powered by Coolcore® fabrics. Coolcore® moisture-activated cooling technology is proven to keep fabric cooler when you’re in the heat of the hunt by immediately moving heat and moisture away from your skin. When dry, hollow-yarn chambers inside each strand are heated by your body to keep you warm. You’ll stay concealed and comfortable no matter how hard you hunt – and no matter where. Head to any location in the Tenacity Shirt and Pant and you’ll send a message you’re coming in strong. You’re coming in tenacious.


  • Lightweight, athletic cut
  • moisture-activated cooling
  • Eliminates areas of heavy sweat concentration
  • Rapid evaporation and drying
  • Move freely with reduced cling of wet fabric to body/skin
  • Chemical-free wicking performance
  • Zippered pocket
  • Item weight: 9.6 oz (based on size Large)

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