Whitetail Pack Dump: What's In Our Hunting Packs

November 06, 2021 | Will Cooper

Author: Will Cooper


It’s smack dab in the middle of the rut and you finally have a week off from work.  The leaves have turned color, the air is cooler, and many whitetail deer across the country have one thing on their mind. The Rut. When it comes to this time of year, it is essential to remember all the gear that you might need when chasing whitetail.  Whether you’re on a quick hunt or an all-day sit, we have the gear list for you to make sure you have everything you’ll need.  Some may only pack enough gear for a morning sit or afternoon sit. I personally believe it’s best to pack like you could potentially be sitting all day.  When the bucks are cruising for does during mid-day, the last thing you want is to get a cell-camera picture of a giant walking by your stand while you’re making a sandwich back at camp. You can easily fit all of these items into our Chisos Day Pack or any pack for that matter!  Check out this list below on what we think is perfect to get you through the day.  



These binoculars and rangefinder are what I prefer to use.  A good set of binoculars are key in identifying deer and glassing up deer.  A good range finder is crucial as well.  If you have a rangefinder that is inaccurate, it could cause you a lot of grief or worse, hours spent tracking a deer.

  • Vortex Diamondback 10x42 Binoculars
  • Leupold Rangefinder


Vital Items:

  • Bow Release & Extra Release
    • Two releases are necessary. Why? If you’re like me, you've probably had some experiences of leaving your main release in the truck and don’t realize it until you’re set up in the blind.  It’s always a good idea to keep a spare in the pack for instances like this or if you have a malfunction.



  • Wind Check Puffer Bottle
    • Having a puffer bottle is crucial because our weather app doesn’t always tell the truth. If you’re wind is going right to the deer, then you might as well pack it up and game plan for the next sit.


Scent & Call Products:

  • Scent Eliminator Spray
    • Any scent eliminator spray or cover spray will help you out. Now it doesn’t entirely mask your odor from the deer, but it does help increase your odds of a deer not catching your scent if they happen to walk directly down-wind of you.



  • Scent Wafers or Liquid Scent
    • I love using scent wafers or liquid scent like Tink’s 69 Estrus. I have seen many bucks walk through my set up and stop long enough to get a shot while they scent check where I laid the scent out.



  • Grunt Tube
    • Any grunt tube can work for this! You want to make sure that its loud enough for an angry buck to hear you and head your direction. I have stopped many deer when doing this. They may not always come directly to you, but if you are rifle hunting, you can stop them long enough to get a shot off.



  • Rattling Antlers
    • Using a set of rattling sticks is one of my favorite ways to hunt, especially in Texas. Crashing these together have brought many deer running in to see what’s going on and what bucks are fighting.  I have had deer run in so hot that they got within five yards of me. 


Various Accessories:

  • Solar Powered Bank Charger (For all-day sits.)
    • While this may not be necessary for a quick sit, you will need this for an all-day sit. It really all depends on how much time you’re going to spend on your phone.  If you’re like me and work in the outdoor industry, I am still working while in the stand. 



  • Paracord
    • I always keep Paracord in my pack. It has so many uses from being an extra pull chord to get my bow up to hanging meat with.  You never know when you’ll need it! Heck, I have even used it on a set of gaiters that the buckle broke on.



  • Extra Lifeline
    • I am the kind of person that would rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Your plans could change during the day where you want to go to another stand and that other stand may not have a lifeline tied in.  Think of your family and friends with this one…
  • Bow Repair Kit
    • In my past life, I once managed an archery shop. I saw and heard too many horror stories from guys who walked in my shop.  From d-loop failure to a peep falling out.  I keep a small bag with extra d-loop, pliers, wax, lighter, serving material and other various items to give myself peace of mind.



  • Medical Kit
    • This is another item that family needs to be kept in mind. I’m not talking about a Wal-Mart First Aid Kit.  I am talking about a legit medical kit that could save your life.  This kit has more than band-aids and Neosporin.  This kit from Orion Medical has everything you need from a tourniquet to a Sam Splint.  If you want to learn more about these items, head to



  • Face Paint
    • You never know when you’re going to want to go full Rambo style on those deer. In all seriousness, I keep one of these face paint kits in my bag if I am sitting in a stand where I might have the sun in my face.  It helps keep glare down underneath my eyes.  Plus, I can get crazy with it and look like a Navy Seal going behind enemy lines.



  • Spare Headlamps
    • Again, I go in over-prepared. I have been in situations where I have had a headlamp die on me. Luckily, I keep backups in my pack for this exact situation.



  • Knife Sharpener
    • Most of the time, I have never had to pull this out unless I am on public land chasing elk or far away from camp and need to gut an animal. I try to make sure my blades are all sharpened before going on a hunt.  I keep this as a “just-in-case”. 
  • Knife
    • I go with Benchmade Knives as they have some of the sharpest blades I’ve ever used.
  • Dude Wipes
    • For those long all-day sits when the coffee hits.
  • Game Bags
    • I only keep game bags in my bag for special instances. If I am on public land or if I need to quarter the deer because my means of transportation can’t get to where I am or further away than I want to drag a deer.



  • Extra Bow Hangar or Hooks
    • I keep a few of these in the pack for when I get into the tree. I might be in a tree that doesn’t have enough limbs for my gear, or I am going to a stand where the bow hangar might not look trustworthy. 



While these items are what I carry, you will be able to make your pack your own! Most of these items are essential, but you will be able to put your own twist on your bag.  In addition to these items, I also carry a thermos full of coffee, a Nalgene bottle with water, and a few snacks in the pack that won’t make too much noise when I get hungry.  Your pack might differ a little as well depending on what you’re hunting with.  You might have shooting sticks, extra bullets, and other various items.  Either way, make sure you have planned properly and are ready for the hunt ahead.  Good luck on your next hunt!