Pnuma Technologies

When we have a new technology perfected, we test it. Over and Over again. We put it to work with hunters that spend over 200 days in the field every year. And we’re not satisfied until they are.

We believe that performance starts with purposeful innovation.

We are committed to providing the best performing gear on the market, regardless of weather conditions. So we tirelessly seek out the most revolutionary fabrics, technology, and patterns, and if we can't find something that meets our expectations, we develop something that will. 

Breakup Camouflage Pattern Technologies

Caza Camo Tech

Caza Camo Tech

The Caza Camo incorporates large regions of light and dark patterns to breakup and distort the human shape at long distances.

After closing the distance, micro texture disruption is integral to hiding the human shape. A scattering of small to medium-sized elements blends the hunter into his surroundings.

The pattern’s proprietary design disrupts the human outline and creates a sense of depth which fools the prey’s depth perception and distorts the prey’s peripheral vision.

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Pnuma Exclusives

Heated Core Tech

Heated Core

Revolutionary next to skin warmth
The IconX Heated Core Vest features undetectable carbon fiber heating elements across your chest, kidneys, and base of your neck to provide constant, efficient heat.

Keeps you warm and cool
Incredible warmth. Absolutely no bulk. Totally quiet. Complete freedom of movement. Plus, you get the unparalleled wicking and muscle support of IconX. Now your warmest piece of gear for cold weather activity is also the coolest.

Long lasting battery life
Re-chargeable 7.4V Lithium-ion battery and wall charger included with purchase. Approximately 6 hours of battery performance on low setting generating 100-degrees of heat – individual performance may vary depending on heat level selection and usage.

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Innovative Fabrics

Proven Durability
With the evolution of polyester and nylon fabrics, we incorporate proven technologies in the woven processes with targeted reinforcements in seat and knees areas for durability, and with removable knee pads for extra comfort and protection, you’ll be ready to take on everything the great outdoors can throw at you. We can guarantee that because we’ve tested the same pair in the field for 200+ days in one year.

Whisper quiet coating
Comfortable and durable, our super micro-brushed Tricot outer fabric is deadly quiet, protected with hydrophobic DWR for maximum water repellency and stain blocking.

Breathable wicking technology
Our lightweight, high-performance fabric is engineered to push moisture outward for evaporation when it’s hot and keep your body warm when the temperature drops.

Terra Camo Tech
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We pledge to continually seek out the best technologies to engineer products that will perform over time and beyond expectation, guaranteed.

Fabrics & Materials


Polygiene OdorCrunch works as a natural anti-odor treatment by capturing, ‘crunching,’ and permanently removing odors using natural silica particles, the primary component of common sand.


Polygiene® StayFresh™ is a silver ion-based technology that works
against odor-causing bacteria to stop smells at the source and prevent smells at the source.


DWR is a finish added to shell fabric to make it water-repellent, helping to prevent the outer fabric layer from "wetting out" or becoming saturated with water.


Ideal for active pursuits, this exceptional insulation not only provides remarkable
warmth for its weight but also excels in trapping body heat, ensuring breathability,
and repelling water, even when conditions turn wet.


PnumaDry is an innovative waterproof breathable system designed to shield against the elements while ensuring maximum comfort. Engineered with a moisture transfer breathable fabric, it effectively repels rain and wind while allowing perspiration to escape, keeping you dry and comfortable in any weather condition.


PnumaBlock offers unparalleled wind protection, designed to shield you from the harshest elements with ease. Crafted with precision, this cutting-edge technology ensures ultimate defense against biting winds, allowing you to stay comfortable and focused in the face of adverse conditions.


We bond Non-slip, wear-resistant overlays on jackets, pants and packs in the areas that receive the most wear and tear to protect your investment for years to come.


YKK® is known for its strict quality control measures, ensuring that their zippers are made to high standards. This results in zippers that are durable and long-lasting, reducing the likelihood of zipper failures or jams.

IconX Zone Tech

IconX uses strategically placed performance zones to support the most essential muscle groups, promote improved blood circulation, and increase moisture wicking.