Guide & Outfitter Program


The Pnuma Guide & Outfitter program is designed for hunting guides and outfitters to partner with Pnuma to develop future hunting products. If accepted, you'll receive discounts on Pnuma gear and exclusive product release information in exchange for your honest feedback on the gear you put through the paces.


We rely on input from the field to continuously provide outdoorsmen with innovative products built to perform under the harshest conditions season after season.

The purpose of this program is to equip Guides & Outfitters with the opportunity to purchase Pnuma gear at a discounted rate to ensure that you keep enjoying your pursuit at the highest level. 

Please allow 10 business days for our internal team to process your application. 

Please understand that we vet all applicants very carefully, and as a result, we require proof of employment and a written agreement to abide by the program's guidelines. 

  1. This membership and associated discount are for you and you alone. Members are strictly prohibited from ordering any product for any persons other than themselves. Each order placed through the Pnuma Guide and Outfitter Program is reviewed carefully for discrepancies in size and quantities ordered. Any product ordered through this program is not eligible for resale.
  2. Member discounts do not apply to sales prices; Said discount is always deducted from MSRP, even during sale periods.
  3. We cannot accept returns from Guide and Outfitter Program purchases, outside of warranty and/or size exchanges.
  4. As a Pnuma Guide or Outfitter, you are a representative of the Pnuma brand. If you are convicted of any Game or Fish Rules Violation (State or Federal), you will be immediately removed from the program.
  5. You will regularly be asked to rate, review, and provide feedback on Pnuma products through R&D surveys.
  6. To be approved, you MUST have a Pnuma login and use the email associated with that account in the application below. If you do not have an account, you can register here. We will not approve anyone without a free Pnuma account set up.
  7. By posting online or in socials in Pnuma Outdoor gear, and joining the Guide and Outfitter Program, you are agreeing to allow us to use your photos, videos, and/or likeness. 

Should you be approved for the program, you will be asked to rejoin and provide current proof of employment annually. Please allow up to one week to hear back from us. Any incomplete applications will automatically be denied, so please take the time to complete the form carefully.

Any abuse of the Pnuma Guide and Outfitter Program will result in immediate and permanent termination of access.