3 Steps You Can Take Now to Ensure You Enjoy the Upcoming Whitetail Season

August 09, 2023 | Katy Rains

How to Start Preparing Now to Make Whitetail Season More Fun

For hunters who love the sport, the three or four months before whitetail season begins can really seem to move at a snail’s pace. The worst thing a hunter can do is spin their wheels while counting the days. Spending that time in preparation, on the other hand, is a satisfying way to get ready for the season in advance. And what better way to spend that prep time than dedicating yourself to making this year’s whitetail season more fun? A few simple choices, like updating your kit with quality new gear from a reliable hunting clothing brand and sharing your love of the sport, can make a big difference. Here are three suggestions as you prepare for whitetail season.

Switch Things Up

One of the most reliable ways to inject new fun into one of your favorite pastimes is to switch things up! Consider trying a new hunting dynamic on for size:

  • Choose Your Gear – Have you always hunted with a rifle? Opt for a bow instead this year.
  • Challenge Yourself – Have you tried a rifle and a bow? Challenge accepted, switch over to a handgun or muzzleloader.
  • Get Up and Go – If hunting has long meant sitting in a tree stand or crouching behind a blind, get up and go. Track the deer and enjoy some hiking through the backcountry.
  • Change the Scenery – Hunting in the same location for years on end can start to feel a bit stale. Instead, do your homework and take a road trip to a rich new hunting ground. Or, maybe it’s time you experienced a week at a hunting camp or lodge.

Try Out Some New Gear

Gearing up with some shiny new kit doesn’t have to mean dropping thousands on a hot new rifle. Simply finding some high-quality new clothes designed specifically for hunting can boost your excitement for the upcoming season. Pick up a new base layer, a rugged yet comfortable jacket or vest, and a reinforced pair of hunting pants. You can even find out what all the buzz is about by experiencing the kind of Merino wool hoodie you’ve heard all about.

Realign Your Perspective and Smell the Roses

This one can be the hardest because it can require an entire realignment of perspective, but working on finding a new mindset while hunting is worthwhile. For some trips, like those during a week at a hunting lodge, the stakes can feel high. At its core, however, hunting is meant to be something you enjoy that helps you appreciate your connection to nature. Remind yourself that whether or not you bag an impressive buck, being able to spend a day in the wild is its own reward. Better still, connect with friends and family members now to plan some hunting trips with your favorite people. You might even get the opportunity to share your love of the sport by introducing it to someone else.