4 Potential Deer Hunting Problems to Address Before the Season Starts

August 09, 2023 | Katy Rains

Tackle These 4 Possible Deer Hunting Problems Before the Season Starts

Giving yourself the best chance to tackle any problem is to address it before it starts. That’s especially true when it comes to deer hunting season. If you love spending hours in the wilderness during the coldest part of the year, planning ahead to avoid as many issues as possible is a must! Fortunately, the months before whitetail or muley season starts are the perfect time to prevent those problems by planning in advance. Your preparation can range from being willing to adapt your core hunting beliefs to gearing up with the right hunting brands clothing. Here are four solutions to problems you might encounter as you prepare for deer hunting season.

Problem: You’re Hunting Among the Same Trees Without Great Success

Solution: Branch Out

You know your favorite hunting spot. That familiarity makes your territory a comfortable choice. Plus, the draw of any hunting grounds where you have bagged a buck in the past is going to be strong. The reality is, the situation in that location and the deer’s behavior can change drastically in a month, a week, or a day, much less from season to season. Do research, talk to other hunters you can trust, and do some scouting to optimize your chances of setting up where the bucks will be come fall.

Problem: Your Hunting Strategies Are Too Rigid 

Solution: Question Everything You Know About Hunting

More challenging than exploring and establishing new hunting patches is exploring and challenging old hunting assumptions you still carry. There are countless examples of deer and hunting myths, misunderstandings, old wives’ tales, and superstitions disguised as valuable information. Read up on modern hunting strategies, research, and any other fact-based information you can use to transform your hunting experience. Do your best to make sure you’re not relying on hunting strategies that aren’t working for you.

Problem: You’ve Got the Gear You’ve Relied on for Years

Solution: Time to Update and Accessorize

No doubt your old gear and apparel has served you well. However, there is a new generation of hunting clothes out there. You can find hunting camo clothing brands that make whisper-quiet, ultra-comfy, and super-rugged hunting apparel with revolutionary new technology and fabrics. Do yourself a huge favor—when you upgrade to the next level of hunting gear, remember to complete your kit with a first-rate hat and gloves.

Problem: You Have Not Prepared for Extremes and Surprises

Solution: Prepare for Everything

It may not be the most original sentiment, but it remains one of the most important hunting strategies around—it’s better to prepare for everything and stay safe than leave details unaccounted for and regret it later. As hunting goes, that means preparing for the extremes and the unexpected as best as you can. For instance, having your extra-warm puffy jacket on hand when the temperature unexpectedly drops in the backcountry is likely to be the difference between two completely opposite experiences. When you prepare, you can enjoy the scenario where you stay warm, dry, and comfortable while you continue to hunt.