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Passing on the Tradition of Hunting: Q&A with Mitch Pantzke

June 05, 2023 | Katy Rains

Mitch Pantzke's Q&A

This June, we've teamed up with some of the dads on our team get a picture on what hunting means to them and to their experience as a parent. Here's what Pnuma graphic designer and photographer Mitch Pantzke had to say on being a dad and hunter!

Mitch Pantzke with his daughter, grilling in the great outdoors

1. What valuable lessons or skills have you learned from hunting that you try to pass on to your children?
Learning from failure. No single hunt is the same, and what you did once to execute, may not work ever again. Be aware of the sometimes grueling process, and cherish the success!

2. How do you involve your children in your hunting activities? Are there any particular traditions or rituals you have created together?
My daughter is very young (3) now, but that doesn’t mean you cannot introduce elements of hunting. We read books together which introduce the animals that revolve around hunting. Plus, walking in our woods and getting familiar with our surroundings and animal sounds incredibly important because those are things she can currently relate to.

3. What advice would you give to other hunting dads who are looking to introduce their children to hunting? Are there any particular approaches or considerations that you have found effective in fostering a positive and safe hunting experience for kids?
It’s about THEM. Remove your desires from the equation, because every child is different, and familiarize them with elements of hunting THEY might find interesting. Pics, sounds, stories.

Mitch Pantzke fishing with his daughter in Pnuma

4. Are there any specific hunting traditions or rituals that have been passed down through generations in your family? How important is it for you to preserve and carry on those traditions?
Rifle Opener in northern MN, complete with 'Saturday Night Steak Night' on opening weekend. It's a tradition that combines 3-4 families fueled by unparalleled food, stories, and annual updates on life. This tradition makes the experience. We will always preserve this tradition because without it hunting simply isn't hunting.

5. What advice or tips would you give to other fathers who are interested in introducing their children to hunting or engaging in hunting activities as a family?
It's all about them. Your child's experience, and interest in the outdoors is predicated on you giving them an unforgettable, positive, incredible experience. It's not about the hunt's success, but the moments, and memories created within that hunt.