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Recon Element Proof Glove

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Guaranteed element proof performance in a mid-weight glove! This 4-way stretch Caza Camo glove features a waterproof yet breathable insert bonded to a water-resistant outer shell. A matte silicone printed palm provides grip and dexterity in the harshest conditions and, tech-touch panels on index fingertip and thumb, make sure you can stay warm, dry, and connected.

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Engineered to keep your hands dry and protected during early to mid-season hunts, the Recon element proof glove has 4-way stretch, so it fits like a mid-weight second skin. Its waterproof, breathable, and features a printed matte silicone palm to make sure you maintain your grip and dexterity in any weather. The glove is finished in our innovative Caza Camo pattern, so you can pair these gloves with any of our caza camo gear and disrupt your silhouette at any distance.


  • Item weight: 2.8 oz (based on size Large)

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Customer Reviews

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Nailed 'em so far

Had these gloves less than 2 weeks, and I already doubt I'll ever find a better fitting and comfortable glove for scramblin' around the ol' elk n' kitty ridges where I live, in -10 and warmer.

I've apparently never had gloves that wick away moisture properly, and was actually confused for a split second when I got out the first day really using them, and realized my hands/gloves weren't sweaty 10 minutes into the haul up the ridge looking for cat/wolf sign.

This was through 1-2' of mixed soft/hard pack snow, heavy brush, willow brambles, deep dark timber, and these gloves took everything I could throw at 'em all day, and 8 days since of the same abuse.

Great job.

These gloves rock!

Bought a pair for my son and I and we both agree that these gloves rock! Just wore them on a 2-day mouflon hunt in West Texas and not only kept our hands nice and warm on the cold early mornings (30 degree F) but also offered some much needed protection from some of Texas' harsh scrub brush. Great fit, perfect balance of warmth, dexterity and durability, they are a nice addition to my growing Pnuma collection.

Glove Love

Tight fit, warm when active. My new favorite glove.
I wore these while elk hunting in WY. Temps were 15-35 degrees. I was surprised at how well they kept my hands warm. They have great dexterity and aren't bulky. I wore them for a couple sits in stand deer hunting also and they worked well there also.

Love 'em

Absolutely a great glove!!!!

Great gloves

Warm and flexible to use with firearm on cold day

Great Glove

These were exactly what I was looking for in an early/mid season glove. Perfect for the cold/cool mornings when your bow riser gets cold for the bare hand. Love that I can still use my phone when they are on. The rubber grip is key for me because it helps put the gloves on. They do run small.

If I could add ONE thing, it would be some type of loop at the opening to assist in getting them on. I find that my fingers slip at times due to the material when trying to pull them on.

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