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New Caza OV Camo

CAZA OV Offers Optimal Versatility. 

Pnuma’s CAZA OV was designed to give you the best possible level of adaptability in various situations. Optimal Versatility was the focus allowing for an ideally suited camouflage for a wide range of conditions.

TREESTAND AND ELEVATED HUNT FOCUS Originally designed to be a treestand pattern, CAZA OV uses colors that imitate the sky peeking through tree branches and lichen on tree trunks to create Macro Shape and Micro Texture Disruption.

Suitable for various terrains While testing in various settings, we discovered that CAZA OV performed well in big game environments by blending against rocky terrain and open areas free of leaves and other foliage.

Multi-season and species use CAZA OV is ideal for hunters who need a versatile and adaptable pattern that can be worked in multiple seasons and used in a variety of hunting scenarios.