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Working in the cold

My husband works second shift loading and unloading semi’s. This vest has helped keep his core warm throughout the sub zero temperatures recently experienced in the midwest.
I recommend getting extra batteries and chargers if you are planning on extreme cold for extended hours. He’s had to work consecutive days for 12 hours at a time and having extra batteries he has been able to keep warm his entire shift.
Kudos to Pnuma for their excellent customer service!

Outstanding product!!

Bought this 2 years ago, and didn't wear it the first season. Pulled it out this past season and loved it. Would hunt til I started feeling chilled, then turn on and left on high for bout 10 mins, then lowered it to low and kept warm throughout my hunts. If I started to feel a chill I'd up the temp to medium. For all those saying it doesn't work , send it back and let the company look at it, mine is spot on and don't know what I'd do without one.

Will not be able to use it until Oct/Nov but fits well and warms up nice and fast!

Tenacity pants

I've owned other high end camo clothing from Sitka, Kuiu, and First Lite. But when I discovered Pnuma, I was a little skeptical. I did a ton of research, and after all things, I got the 2020 Tenacity pants, and quite frankly, I don't want any other brand from now on. The second I put them on, I knew that Pnuma was going to be my choice. Comfortable, fit great, and durable. While I do wish there was just a little more green in the pattern for the PNW, I feel these pants will be my go-to for every hunt. I've already used them coyote hunting, and the pocket placement, knee pads, and stitching were very well thought out. Did I mention how comfortable and well made they are? My next purchase will be the Waypoint jacket, and the merino wool pullover. Definitely recommend.

The Best!

I own a great deal of hunting clothing and it includes everything from Scent Blocker to Sitka Gear and basic brands as well. Overall I can’t explain how happy I am with these Insulator Pants from PNUMA! They have outperformed all other hunting pants I own and for the price, comfort, warmth, and overall performance you won’t find anything better! It’s also an added bonus that they are backed by a Lifetime Warranty through a top of the line company with outstanding customer service! PNUMA is by all means my go to source for any hunting apparel I may need in the future for myself and my son and I am forever grateful for their commitment to developing and producing products you can count on no matter the conditions!

Greatest hunting jacket ever wore

Size and comfort perfect. It has plenty of pockets and the warmest hunting coat ever wore.

Perfect fitting top

I started to purchase Pnuma gear that two months ago and I haven’t quit yet. This shirt is no different than anything I’ve ordered from Pnuma. Quality material and was true to size. This company has lightning fast shipping and great customer service. Thanks!

Very technical thought out piece

These pants are of great quality and very durable. Love the knee pads and all the pockets.


Excellent quality extremely happy

Best of the best

Second pair I have (different camo) love the knee pads helped a lot when stalking up on animals I’ve had two different surgery’s on my knees so when I can find pants with knee pads it’s a plus and lifetime warranty you bet I’ll be back and buying more of this wonderful products

Awesome pants, everything I could have asked for and can’t wait to use them on turkey hunts


awesome product very durable

Can’t complain

First bino harness for me and I have no complaints. A minor nitpick is that I wish the range finder pouch snugged up a bit better to the harness. There are Molle loops, but they aren’t super duper snug. Not loose at all for sure, but I like things like that a little tighter. Personal preference to be sure.

I wear this every time I shoot my bow. No problems drawing back or holding. Feels good in my back and chest with no rubbing or anything weird like that.

Excellent product

Wore these in late season archery and never had an issue. Was able to sit for a significant period of time and never got remotely cold.

Heated vest

It was a gift. Will not be used until November. The person did like the gift. The one I have works great.

Logo t-shirt

Love this shirt! It fits great and looks good!

Great hat

Love this hat. It fits great and looks good.


Order a larger size up due to the athletic fit. Normally wear an xl, got a XXL. Wore this with a t-shirt, a light sweatshirt while it was 40 degrees and was toasty. Never really worked up a sweat but never got cold. Amazing jacket. Love it

These are great pants!

Very well made, high quality pant..

Smal Fitting Glove

I read the reviews on these and should have listened. The XL glove is more like a meduim. I felt like OJ trying to get them on. They appear to be the same qualtiy I'm used to with Pnuma, just not true to size.

Fleece pull over

Love this mid layer. I definitely keeps you warm and does the job for sure. I always keep it in my pickup as it works for any situation from hunts to every day life.

2020 tenacity pants

I love these pants. They are very comfortable and held up well to beating the brush looking for screaming bulls. I wore these on every early to mid season hunt.

Heated core vest

I enjoy this vest on those cold days when you hike a longs ways in and then stop for an hour to glass. This vest keeps you warm and definitely does its job.

Heated core pants

These pants are great for those freezing days. They keep you very warm and not bulky at all.

Great rain gear

I generally have to push through those rainy and snowy days but this set makes it comfortable. The are breathable, keep you dry and are not too loud. I love all of my Pnuma gear!