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Crestone Mountaineer Pack

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When you've drawn a tag and are gearing up to go backcountry, this is the pack you want. 3500 cubic inches and purpose-built with CORDURA® 560D Tactical Nylon, a polyurethane waterproof coating, and YKK® AquaGuard® Water Repellant Zippers, the Crestone will comfortably keep all of your gear safe and dry. And we guarantee that for life. 

Product Lifetime Warranty With our Lifetime Warranty, your satisfaction - and our apparel - is guaranteed for life.

When it came time to put this pack into the field for testing, we handed it off to our good friend and avid hunter Fred Bohm. Fred loaded it up and climbed up above 13,000' to scout Rocky Mountian Bighorns right under the Crestone Needle and Crestone Mountain. These are two of the nastiest fourteeners in Colorado and require a serious level of commitment just to summit them. Fred spent several weeks navigating around the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range, trying to get eyes on the bighorns in preparation for his upcoming hunt, and this pack was with him every step of the way. Once he packed all his gear, hauled it in, and established base camp, Fred was able to sinch the Crestone pack down and comfortably use it for quick excursions away from basecamp. The numerous internal compartments were perfect for keeping all of Fred's gear exactly where he wanted it and easily accessible. After a hardcore mountain test like that, how could we not place the Crestone name on this pack?

Purpose-built with CORDURA® 560D Tactical Nylon, polyurethane waterproof coating, and YKK® AquaGuard® Water Repellant Zippers, the 3500ci Crestone will comfortably keep all of your gear keep your gear safe and dry. A quick detach system easily separates the pack from the aluminum frame. The integrated bottom shelf offers plenty of support, no matter how much meat you are packing out. To make this pack even more helpful, we included a 5W solar panel to charge your electronics when you are far from the grid. The panel stores behind the lumbar padding and can be used to adjust the shoulder yoke and customize the fit to your body. To make packing easy, we added a large U-shaped zipper for the full access you would expect in a suitcase, while the traditional top load opening allows you to grab just what you need when you need it. A large zippered front pocket is perfect for storing your spotting scope or rain shell. Strategically placed side pockets and shock cord loops keep your gear organized and close at hand. A detachable top organizer lid with a stretch exterior pocket and mesh interior pocket adds even more storage. The included Weapon harness and attachment straps can be side or rear-mounted. The waist belt offers front pull adjustment and removable Molle hip pouches. Heavily padded shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap and load lifter straps distribute your load comfortable and non-slip silicone print inside the waist belt, and shoulder straps keep the pack from moving around during your trek. This pack is engineered to go the distance with you anytime and every time, and we guarantee it for life.


  • Size: 3500 cubic inches
  • CORDURA® 560D Tactical Nylon with PU waterproof coating
  • Traditional Top Load AND Large U-shaped Zipper for Full Access (like suitcase)
  • Quick detach system separates the pack from the frame, and a bottom shelf to support
  • (4) Adjustable Shock cord Loops for shooting sticks, trekking poles, included solar panel or other accessory mounting
  • Large Zippered front pocket with CORDURA® 500D Stretch Nylon.  Perfect for spotting scope, jacket, etc
  • Detachable top organizer lid with stretch exterior pocket and mesh interior pocket.
  • Side stretch pockets for water bottles, shooting sticks or other accessories
  • Side or rear mounting Weapon harness and attachment straps
  • Hydration reservoir compatible
  • Front pull waist belt adjustment
  • Removable Molle Hip Pouches
  • 5W solar panel stores behind the lumbar padding and can be used to adjustable shoulder yoke for custom fit
  • YKK® AquaGuard® Water Repellant Zippers
  • (2) Aluminum frame stays
  • Heavily padded shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap and load lifter straps
  • Non-slip silicone print inside waist belt and shoulder straps
  • Weight: 99.2 ounces

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
S. Whittaker. (Bozeman, US)
Crestone backpack.

I love backpack, I'm worried about one thing..... The two buckle straps on top keep come off. Unless the weight is to keep them attached when it has a heavy load applied to it. I haven't used it hunting yet, but this is the only concern I have at this point.

Kawika Midel (Hilo, US)
crestone mountaineer pack

everything on this pack is awesome..been using it on hunting trips .very comfortable and durable..

Joel (Oakland, US)

Have not taken this to the woods yet but I think it will be great for packing back in on a hunt

Jesse Thomson (Squamish, CA)
Great quality and well thought out design

I've used this pack several times hunting and for packraft fly fishing trips. I also use it for multi day ski touring trips. It's very comfortable and rides nicely. It will keep your gear dry in moderate to light rainfall, anything more should be covered with a rain fly. Would have been a nice option to include.

Mike (Concord, US)
Almost perfect....almost.

I was very excited about this, but had zero luck finding any reviews other than here. All my Pnuma stuff is legit gear, so I was hoping the backpack would be the same. I wish they'd do a YouTube review so you could really get an idea of how the pack is laid out.

The stuff I liked: The material is great, the pocket locations are well thought out, the side straps and pockets are perfect for a tripod/trekking poles.. I love the reserve opening of the main exterior pocket, as well as the interior organizing pockets. Buckles and straps are all placed, for the most part, in the right spots. The center compartment is perfect for rain gear, spotting scopes, or other stuff you need quick access to. The hip belt pouches were a nice tough as well and good for headlamps, snacks, bino adapters, etc. In bear country, it will be easy to take one off the put a pistol on the molle webbing. The D rings on the shoulder straps are a nice touch as well. Good for GPS, InReach, etc.

The stuff that I feel should be addressed for version II.

For one, make it so the lid stays at the top. My main complaint about a Mystery Ranch Metcalf is when used for day hutting, the lid is flopping all over the place and hangs down to the middle of the bag. The Pnuma is the same. It was driving me nuts. I ended up sewing on a 3rd tab in the middle of the back of the lid and attached it to the middle of the back support. It actually works quite well and the lid stays where it's supposed to.

The quick detatch bag meat shelf system was one of the main reason I got this pack. It looked similar to the Metcalf, but much quicker. While it is significantly quicker, I have no idea why the didn't make all the buckles quick releases. There are 3 on each side, and only 1 is a quick release. The other two are compression straps that you have to unthread to full open the meat shelf. Nitpicky, I know...but they missed the mark by not making them all quick releases.

Lastly, the lowest compression strap on the sides. It goes THROUGH the bottom side pockets (water bottle, trekking pole pocket). It works, but it's just a weird design.

The book is still out on how it will do with weight. I have 65 LBS of weight bench weights wrapped in a duffel bag. I've hiked several miles with it so far, but all on a treadmill. It's certainly not as rigid as my other packs, but I'm still playing with the shoulder straps, waist belt, and load lifters. To be fair, the weight is super dense and can't really compart to an elk quarter, but it is similar to boned out meat.

In summary....I like the pack. I like it a lot. I fixed one of the major things that was annoying me with the lid. With the weights and other hunting stuff I transferred in there, the pack was probably close to 80 pounds, which is twice as much as I usually train with. It handled the weight without too much sway or shifting. I think this is going to be a perfect day hunting pack where you may need to haul out quartered deer or elk.

Erik (Boise, US)
Average Pack at Best

This pack is average at best. I’ve noticed several design flaws that are making me kick myself for buying it. Keeping the top pouch in place over the main bag is a constant battle & the pouches on the waist strap are too large. I like to carry bear spray, water, & the option of my pistol, but you can’t get more than 1 small item on the belt with those oversized pouches. The pouches are very convenient, just too large. The solar panel didn’t work, I already have a Goal Zero panel, but another flaw. I’ve used this pack on several archery & rifle elk hunts this year (at least 25 hunts combined) & packed out an elk on it this fall as well. I was very frustrated with getting & keeping the game bag in place. I’m still working on getting this bag figured out, but so far I’m not happy. I think Pnuma should get some YouTube videos out on how best to secure a load of meat & how to keep that top flap secured..... I can’t get it figured out over the 2 months I’ve been using it. I have a pile of their clothing & love their product, but they missed the mark on this one.

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