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Durable, soft, and designed to fit like a second skin, our deerskin gloves give you all the dexterity you need whether your scrambling up rocky grades, splitting wood in camp, or lashing that 6x6 cape on your pack. 

Product Lifetime Warranty With our Lifetime Warranty, your satisfaction - and our apparel - is guaranteed for life.


Constructed from genuine deerskin leather, the Ranch Glove is the only glove we know that gets better looking the more you wear it.


  • 100% Deerskin Leather
  • Item weight: 4.96 oz (based on size Large)

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Customer Reviews

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Michael E Dalton (Meadows of Dan, US)
Ranch Glove

Had my Ranch Glove for several years and they finally starting wearing out. Very comfortable and I have already gotten another set. I would recommend these deerskin gloves for everyone. I use my new set for riding gloves on my Harley.

Jeff Gruver (Black Mountain, US)
Ranch Glove Review

I have had good results with these gloves when doing general yard/gardening work. When using them for cutting, splitting, and stacking wood they wear out rather quickly. Pnuma has been great honoring the lifetime warranty and replaces the gloves as soon as I file a claim. Overall, I would recommend the Ranch Gloves for light yard work.

Nathan. P.O. Box 269 Coppock (Maypearl, US)

Some of the toughest gloves I have ever owned!!

Blake Higdon
Cool gloves

Great for axe/ machete/ heavy knife work. Dexterity doesn’t compare to a well designed synthetic glove, but the hand protection is up there with cattlehide. They’re a lot more supple than cattlehide so you get more feel on your axe handle, and the treatment on them is very grippy and water resistant. I did sweat a bit in them. The price would be kind of nuts, but pnuma has a lifetime guarantee on them, and wearing deer skin is just cool.

Francis Mongeau (Columbia, US)
My second pair of these gloves

I liked them so much after I wore out the first set I bought a second set to replace them. I know that Pnuma has a life time warrantee but I used the other set hard while hunting, shooting, four wheeling and just all around wear, I felt I got my investment out of them. When it gets cold I insert a pair of Alpaca wool glove liners and they are good to go. Even with the liners in them the leather is soft enough you can still feel the trigger on your gun.

Scott Hare (Oakland, US)
Ranch Glove , My new everything glove.

High quality glove. Fits right. Feels right.

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