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Alpha Vertex Jacket

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The Alpha Vertex was designed from the ground up with the bowhunter in mind. It is insulated but lightweight, packable, and weather-resistant. Use it as an outer layer for early to mid-season. Alpha is also an ideal mid-layer when the temperature really drops because it offers core warmth without the bulk. We introduced an angled articulated cuff so you can comfortably go to full draw and release without any interference from the cuff. The hood is form-fitting and designed to maximize your field of view so you won't miss a movement below while sitting in your stand. The inner pocket doubles as an integrated stuff sack so you can compress the Alpha down and stow it
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Alpha is the successor to our popular Insulator line, and it is definitely an upgrade in every sense. It's thinner yet warmer due to its Primaloft insulation, so it delivers all-season warmth and breathability without the bulk. It's quiet, windproof, and water-resistant, meaning no matter what type of hunt you are on, you will be comfortable enough to stay in the field as long as it takes. The bottom line is Alpha will be a suit that goes with you on every hunt for years to come.


  • Angled articulated cuff for bow release
  • Windproof/water-resistant shell
  • All-Season warmth and breathability, without the bulk
  • 100 grams of Primaloft insulation
  • Form-fitting wide view hood
  • The inner pocket doubles as an integrated stuff sack so you can compress the Alpha down and stow it
  • Solid options available soon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marty Teifke (Maumee, US)
Another great piece!

I love the snugness of the arms. Great for early season bow and fits perfectly under my Waypoint jacket.

Will Floyd
Pneuma top of the line again!

As with my previous Pnuma purchases their products once again fits and performs as advertised! Always top of the line comfort, fit, and performance in the field is what their products provide for me and I love it! Won’t be purchasing form any other company so long as they keep up the phenomenal production of high quality hunting clothing and accessories!

Chris Walters (Nashville, US)
Must have

This became my favorite piece in my layering system after the first time I wore it.

Josh Siewert (Detroit Lakes, US)
Great Jacket

I love the fit of this jacket. I run my base layer and a vest underneath I am plenty warm in November here in Minnesota. I like its no bulky packs down nicely. Great product!

Rusty (Davison, US)
Alpha vertex jacket

When getting it I thought it was pretty thin, being from MI, but using it in Ohio 28 degree morning bow hunts I was surprised it did do the job for how it looked, I did have the Selkirk outfit over it, because in Ohio this jacket would be shredded. I personally might cut off the hood because bow hunting it’s to loud and hard to hear, but I’m not a hood man. And don’t need 2 hoods w the Selkirk hood. All in all it did for medium bow hunting weather, which is what I got it for,

Tom (Evansville, US)
Alpha Vertex Jacket

It has finally cooled off for me to wear the Alpha Vertex jacket. It was perfect for the 40-50 degree weather without layering. As it gets cooler, I will wear some layers to help.

The large pockets are a bonus.

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