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The revolutionary design of the IconX Heated Core pant puts the heat where your body needs it the most: next to your skin. We combined next to skin warmth with the unparalleled wicking and muscle support of IconX performance to create the most innovative base layer available. Three different heat settings provide incredible, sustained warmth with no bulk and complete freedom of movement. These are perfect heated work pants and hunting pants!

Stay warmer longer by adding an additional battery and charger to your order.

Product Lifetime Warranty With our Lifetime Warranty, your satisfaction - and our apparel - is guaranteed for life.

IconX Heated Core pant is the ultimate combination of next to skin heat and performance. It’s no secret that you can stay in the field longer when you keep your core warm. The biggest enemy you face during late-season hunts is cold. Cold impacts your performance mentally and physically. It can affect your body’s ability to stalk across a ridge or to pull to full-draw smoothly. The key to winning the battle against cold is maintaining your core temperature. Our heated core pant utilizes undetectable carbon-fiber heating elements that crisscross your lower back and tops of thighs to distribute constant, efficient, and compelling warmth. With three levels of heat available at the push of a button, you’re in complete control of your comfort. Our IconX fabric adds unparalleled wicking and muscle support to complete the package. Wear the Heated Core pant under your IconX top or Merino Wool baselayers on the coldest of days. You’ll remain warm with no bulk and experience total freedom of movement, and stay in the hunt as long as it takes to get the big game you’re after.

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How to care for your IconX Heated Core Pant


  • Revolutionary next-to-skin warmth and performance
  • Warmth with no bulk and total freedom of movement
  • Provides efficient, effective heat where you need it the most – your body’s core
  • Undetectable carbon fiber heating elements distribute heat throughout pant.
  • Easy access to three-color, waterproof LED heat level selection button
  • Re-chargeable 7.4V Lithium-ion battery and wall charger included with purchase
  • Approximately 6 hours of battery performance at low setting generating 100-dgrees of heat – individual performance may vary depending on heat level selection and usage
  • Athletic fit for easy layering
  • HydroWick™ high-performance hollow wicking fiber
  • 6 Performance zones provide key muscle support and thermal regulation
  • Infused with SilverStrike™ anti-microbial odor control
  • USB output on the battery can be used to charge your mobile device
  • Guaranteed for life (Pant only)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Gary Kremser (Jeannette, US)

Excellent for all day stand sitting in cold windy conditions. I already had the vest. It is quiet and comfortable with movement.

SEAN BARRY (Park Ridge, US)
Dress light and Stay warm

These pants are outstanding. I bought the vest a few years ago and love it. The Heated Core Pants definitely make sitting in the bitter cold more comfortable. It is ideal for situations when long hikes are combined with long sits. Wearing the heated vest and pants allows you to dress lighter so as not to over heat on the hikes and then stay warm warm during the sits. Regardless how you hunt, if you are looking for ways to wear less bulky clothing and still be comfortable, the Heated Core Pants are an ideal addition to you hunting wardrobe. I would also recommend buying an additional replacement battery. I have used my for over 4 hours on the medium setting with no issues, but it is always a piece of mind to have a back up. The battery has a USB outlet that also works as a portable charger for your phone.

Dan G (Spotsylvania, US)
good could be great

this is a good product and I will be using it for years to come.

the only issue i have is that the heat zones could be bigger or have more of them.. i tend to get cold around the back of my legs so it would be nice if the heat zones were added there as well.. the only zones are on the front of the leg and you would think that since these are "full leg length" base layers that the heat zones would cover all or most of the legs...

still a good base layer and the heat helps just need more coverage.

Mike McLean (Nacogdoches, US)

Excellent pants and vest. Couldn’t stand in flooded timber without them.

JUSTIN G. (Philadelphia, US)

My pants only work on high. They do not stay hot for long. I can only feel the heat when they are on full throttle. After 30 minutes they drop in temp.

Steve Combs (Laveen, US)

Spent 5 days last week in Alaska sub zero temps with 20-30 mph winds , these pants and vest are the best investment I have made . After years of late season Alaska trips I finally found something to not only keep me warm but NEVER actually turned them on best investment I have made to date

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