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The Alpha Vertex was designed from the ground up with the bowhunter in mind. It is insulated but lightweight, packable, and weather-resistant. Use it as an outer layer for early to mid-season. Alpha is also an ideal mid-layer when the temperature really drops because it offers core warmth without the bulk. We introduced an angled articulated cuff so you can comfortably go to full draw and release without any interference from the cuff. The hood is form-fitting and designed to maximize your field of view so you won't miss a movement below while sitting in your stand. The inner pocket doubles as an integrated stuff sack so you can compress the Alpha down and stow it.
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Alpha is the successor to our popular Insulator line, and it is definitely an upgrade in every sense. It's thinner yet warmer due to its fleece liner, so it delivers all-season warmth and breathability without the bulk. It's quiet, windproof, and water-resistant, meaning no matter what type of hunt you are on, you will be comfortable enough to stay in the field as long as it takes. The bottom line is Alpha will be a suit that goes with you on every hunt for years to come.


  • Angled articulated cuff for bow release
  • Windproof/water-resistant shell
  • All-Season warmth and breathability, without the bulk
  • 100g fleece insulation liner
  • Form-fitting wide view hood
  • The inner pocket doubles as an integrated stuff sack so you can compress the Alpha down and stow it
  • Treated with Polygiene® StayFresh™ and Polygiene® OdorCrunch™ for enhanced odor control
  • Updated Caza Camo
  • Item Weight: 20.8 oz.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
JOHN (Surrey, CA)
Good, not great, coat.

I just left 2 stars for the Alpha Vertex coat with a detailed and, I thought, helpful review. I have the previous generation of this line (the Insulator) so I can do a direct comparison, and I feel the new Alpha Vertex coat is a downgrade from the last gen. I figured this would be helpful to customers buying from Outlet as well as constructive criticism for Pnuma, if they are interested in improving the line with customer feedback who actively hunt. I took several minutes to make a detailed review because I appreciated how I have been treated at Pnuma in the past.

Now I refresh the page and my review is not shown on the product page. My 5-star review for a different piece of gear, however, displays no problem.

I sincerely hope that Pnuma are not filtering out the negative reviews. I love all my OTHER Pnuma gear and have recommended them to others, this coat was just a "miss" for them. Not to mention the customer service has always been phenomenal. But if they are filtering out bad reviews that may have been my last Pnuma order, I just won't deal with any company that way. Hopefully that is not the case and this was an honest mistake or computer glitch.

Josiah Mory (Riverside, US)
Not a ton of use, but happy with it

Deciding on which hunting clothing to go with is tough since fit is such a personal thing and it’s a pretty big investment. That said, I decided to go for some pieces from Pnuma over some of the other big names, mostly based on videos from ElkShape and many late nights pouring over reviews.

I couldn’t be more impressed with the Alpha Vertex Jacket and Alpha Vertex Pants from Pnuma.

I did get more use out of the pants than the jacket, but the jacket was comfortable and warm when I used it. At 30 degrees I was warm hiking. Otherwise, spring bear hunt was warm enough to not need to pull it out.

However, I wore the Vertex pants every day on trails and bushwhacking through swamps and deadfall.

The bear I shot was in a ton of deadfall and there were many times they snagged on branches of fallen trees. Most the time I tried to untangle myself safely and without pulling at the pants, but there were definitely times where I just had to pull through to snap branches off. I swore I would have tears in the legs, but after getting home, no tears, snags, wholes or otherwise. I was so impressed.

I am pretty impressed. Very confident in the material and toughness of the jacket based on the performance of the pants and I am sure the warmth is there for any September morning.

Rick G (Austin, US)
Nice jacket

This jacket fits nicely. Can't wait for the temp to drop so I can put it to use.

Eric Head (Caddo, US)
Great Fit

I purchased the vertex pants and was very impressed with those. So I fully expect the same performance from the jacket, which is minimal bulk, and comfort down to the mid 20’s.

Joe Mowery (Berwick, US)
Alpha vertex jacket

Great kaclet. The sleves and cuffs are made for the bow hunter, close to the arm. It is amazingly warm for the thickness. Overall great jacket

James (Memphis, US)
Great Jacket

This is a great jacket, warm & comfortable, moves well. My one complaint is that it doesn’t have a slot to put my harness through. If it’s made for the bow hunter I feel like it definitely should like my waypoint jacket and vest. That is the reason for 4 stars, but still an awesome jacket!

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