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The revolutionary design of the IconX Heated Core pant puts the heat where your body needs it the most: next to your skin. We combined next to skin warmth with the unparalleled wicking and muscle support of IconX performance to create the most innovative base layer available. Three different heat settings provide incredible, sustained warmth with no bulk and complete freedom of movement. These are perfect heated work pants and hunting pants!

Stay warmer longer by adding an additional battery and charger to your order.


IconX Heated Core pant is the ultimate combination of next to skin heat and performance. It’s no secret that you can stay in the field longer when you keep your core warm. The biggest enemy you face during late-season hunts is cold. Cold impacts your performance mentally and physically. It can affect your body’s ability to stalk across a ridge or to pull to full-draw smoothly. The key to winning the battle against cold is maintaining your core temperature. Our heated core pant utilizes undetectable carbon-fiber heating elements that crisscross your lower back and tops of thighs to distribute constant, efficient, and compelling warmth. With three levels of heat available at the push of a button, you’re in complete control of your comfort. Our IconX fabric adds unparalleled wicking and muscle support to complete the package. Wear the Heated Core pant under your IconX top or Merino Wool baselayers on the coldest of days. You’ll remain warm with no bulk and experience total freedom of movement, and stay in the hunt as long as it takes to get the big game you’re after.

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  • Revolutionary next-to-skin warmth and performance
  • Warmth with no bulk and total freedom of movement
  • Provides efficient, effective heat where you need it the most – your body’s core
  • Undetectable carbon fiber heating elements distribute heat throughout pant.
  • Easy access to three-color, waterproof LED heat level selection button
  • Re-chargeable 7.4V Lithium-ion battery and wall charger included with purchase
  • Approximately 6 hours of battery performance at low setting generating 100-dgrees of heat – individual performance may vary depending on heat level selection and usage
  • Athletic fit for easy layering
  • HydroWick™ high-performance hollow wicking fiber
  • 6 Performance zones provide key muscle support and thermal regulation
  • Infused with SilverStrike™ anti-microbial odor control
  • USB output on the battery can be used to charge your mobile device
  • Battery, charger and heating elements covered by 1 year warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Donald (Waleska, US)
Iconyx Heated Core Base Layer

Love both pieces. Battery does not last very long--on low only 2-3 hrs

Heated Core - Line

I bought the vest four years ago and got the pant and shirt this year from my wife for Christmas. After seeing how the vest worked and fit, she felt the resultant loss of "bulk" would be a healthy thing for a 68 yr. old guys heart and thought it to be a "great investment". So instead of talking about one item I'll tell you about all three. They all perform as advertised. Most times even with temps in the low 20's I only use the "LOW" setting. Perhaps towards the last hour I'll jump them up to "MEDIUM" (three hour local "morning / evening hunts"). Uniform coverage with elements as shown on web site provide effective coverage. In the mid to low 30's I use the vest only over a light type of base layer. Once into the mid 20's I have discovered the comfort of the pants and shirt. Low 20's on down I wear the merino wool base layer from Pnuma as well. (I have never worn a more comfortable pair of "long johns" in over 50 yrs.!) The combination works great. I'm still experimenting with internal layers matching up to which external layers. You see in addition to the fit, the construction and overall excellent quality the heated core has given me something else that I lost some time ago. Due to their performance AND their LIGHT WEIGHT, I no longer look like the kid brother in Christmas Story. I have had 9 vertebrae fused. Last surgery was last year and this year for the first time in five or six years I can walk without pain and negotiate uneven terrain in the woods. I also have COPD and it is sometimes very difficult to deal with in the woods with the bulky outfits I had to wear to keep warm. It's like I've lost 30 lbs. I wear next to nothing with the Heated Core Line compared to without it. Episodes of shortness of breath are fewer and don't last as long. I truly can't describe how that result from using the Heated Core Line has changed my life by giving me back the ability to enjoy something I love so much in the manner I was accustomed to before my stupid choice to smoke caught up with me years after I had finally quit. My hat is off and I extend my hand to the folks at PNUMA. I am grateful for all you've put into your product lines and customer service.

Michael W (Baldwinsville, US)
Warm and comfortable

Quality baselayer without using the heat. I have worn these about ten times in various temperatures. I have only used the low and medium setting. I bought medium . I am 5'10 and I have a 33 inch waist. So far the battery has lasted as advertised. I bought the vest and an extra battery. Should have bought heated baselayers long ago.

Mike (Bay City, US)
Solid, Some flaws

I hunt Michigan and hate sitting in a box blind or running heater. I do everything I can to sit in a tree stand. I usually sit all day and was looking for a product that would allow me to bulk down on the layers. The product fit as I expected. 5"11 200 LBS. XL pants L Vest. The heat takes off the edge and makes a more comfortable sit. I wait until mid-day to turn it on. I start low and increase the power as needed. I purchased an extra battery. The battery placement is a design flaw. The vest battery and pant battery end up almost being on top of each other. I wish the battery packs were larger and on separate sides. I found the vest was a little uncomfortable. I wear a thin T shirt under it. Overall I am happy with the purchase.

Rick Dawson (Utica, US)
Work great, just too long in the legs

Great gear only issue is sizing. Too long in the legs and no shorter options.

Thomas F. (Dayton, US)
Good product

Fits good, battery charges well and warms like it is supposed to. Have not tested in the field yet.

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